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National Conference on Incontinence

Healthy bladder and bowel habits in schools

Research shows that bladder and bowel problems can have a negative impact on a child's self-esteem and quality of life.

Lifelong attitudes, beliefs and behaviours can begin in childhood and instilling healthy bladder and bowel habits at a young age may help avoid issues later in life. 

Toilet Tactics is designed to help promote these habits in children at primary schools and improve or maintain the standard of school toilets across Australia.

Toilet Tactics is for use in Australian primary schools, involving the whole school community.

It provides a range of fun, user-friendly resources for schools, teachers, and activities for students.

"Toilet Tactics has improved student toileting habits. Some students were not using the toilets at school and now they are" - Teacher

"The Toilet Tactics information has gone through at school association, parents and friends and all staff levels. It has raised a huge awareness of practical issues with toilets, especially in the junior school and is really starting to raise awareness of issues" - Principal

What does it include

✓ How to use Toilet Tactics in your school
✓ School toilet checklist
✓ Student survey and analysis guide
✓ Tips on how to improve and maintain your school toilets
✓ Information for teachers
✓ Resources and activities for students
✓ Information for parents/guardians
✓ School toilet charter
✓ Where to seek advice, referral and resources

How to access Toilet Tactics

Register and you will be sent an email with details on how to access and download the resources.