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Resources, courses and information for continence health professional development.

National Conference on Incontinence

For professionals

Follow the links on this page to find useful information for health professionals.

Information and advice

The National Continence Helpline provides advice to health professionals, carers and people experiencing bladder and bowel problems. The continence nurse advisors can provide a range of information to health professionals, including support to treat and manage incontinence and a range of free information resources for your clients.

Continence Clearinghouse 

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The Australian Continence Exchange is an online clearinghouse designed to assist health professionals in their approach to continence health management support. The site provides access to  health resources as well as a platform for professional development through education opportunities and the sharing of ideas and information via the online forum.

Referrals to continence clinics

The National Continence Helpline uses a service directory to refer callers to local continence services. This database is managed by the Continence Foundation and updated on a regular basis to ensure accuracy. You can access the service directory yourself to search for continence services, or call the National Continence Helpline to determine the most suitable health professional/service provider.

Find continence product suppliers

Once you have assessed your client and developed a continence management plan - including what product/s best suit the persons needs - it is important to find a continence supplier that provides flexibility and choice for the person.

Details of continence product suppliers and manufacturers may be accessed via the National Continence Helpline on 1800 33 00 66 or through our online continence product supplier directory or continence product manufacturer directory

Please note that these directories are not exhaustive, and exclude pharmacies (chemists) and supermarkets, which also supply continence products. 

Professional development

Continence courses

There are a range of courses about continence awareness, promotion and management. Find a course in your State / Territory or find out more about online education.

National Conference on Incontinence

The National Conference on Incontinence is an annual scientific conference hosted by the Continence Foundation of Australia.  The multidisciplinary conference provides a platform for the latest developments in the field of continence diagnosis, treatment and management, with both national and international speakers.

National Continence Scholarship Program

The National Continence Scholarship program supports 10 health professionals to attend the National Conference on Incontinence.  Appplications are open to nurses, continence nurses advisors and physiotherapists who work in the field of incontinence, or manage continence issues on a daily basis. 

Australian and New Zealand Continence Journal

The Australian and New Zealand Continence Journal is a quarterly, partially peer reviewed journal, produced under the auspice of the Continence Foundation of Australia and the New Zealand Continence Association (NZCA).  This multidisciplinary journal is the only one of its kind that is dedicated to researching the diagnosis, treatment and management of incontinence, bringing together the specialties of medical, nursing and allied health.   

Free resources 

The Continence Foundation offers a wide range of free information resources for professionals, clients and carers.  To search for professional resources select "Professionals" under the "Topic" selection.  Other resources may be browsed by topic, and downloaded (in PDF format) or ordered (in bulk).  The Continence Foundation recommends registering on our website to make your ordering process faster and easier in future.